A "Patchwork" of Pieces, Good, Bad and Ugly, That Make Up the Whole of Who You Are!


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 A lot has changed since we last interacted!  It's called life; and it's okay... all of it, all of the pieces.  They really do "fit" together if we only allow it.


Long-term counseling sessions are no longer available.  

Brief counseling is still offered on a cash basis only - 865-679-6379.  

Angie Bowen, LCSW, CCBT, CRH no longer maintains the many insurance panels she offered in the past.  However, cash discounts are AVAILABLE!


EDEN'S primary focus is to reach a broader population, through novels (first novel in a trilogy is finished; second is almost finished), women's retreats, free get together's, and this website.  

We have exciting insights to offer you.  Many are free and/or offered at an affordable, reduced price, now that insurance is not a factor.


Hopefully, you will find positive encouragement within these pages, and "companions" to accompany you along your path, in this journey we call life.


My desire is to offer a larger array of opportunities to assist you - any way I can, as you turn the pages into your next "chapter."


I have learned so much in these past 25 years, as an experienced mind, body and spirit mental health clinician. It is time to share all that I have been priviledged to learn with you, and learn from you as well. Women helping women.  It is time to unite and share our wisdom, our experiences, our angers, fears, sorrows and joys.  



We all strive to move peacefully through the storms and deserts of life. We need to unite as women, through the storms and deserts.


Come into the fields, streams, gardens, hiking trails, bonfires, water's edge, mountains, pathways, books, friendships, alone time, hobbies...whatever you need, to find and maintain your "personal eden."   


When we unite, and share our knowledge, we become stronger, gentler (no; they are not a contrdiciton in terms) and wiser.  We become more balanced in our abilities to give and receive; we learn how to keep our own cups filled, by sharing personal interests and pursuits, meditations, shared wisdom, as we also help to fill the cups of one another.  There are times when we need to be alone and times when we need other women!



Learn how to take advantage of opportunities to explore the world, through friendships, books, travel abroad, as well as travel to local wonders, and armchair insights and silent meditation. Research and process quotes from women all over the world, from the present to centuries past, who have changed our lives, given us knowledge and insights to guide us along our way.



Explore your own areas of Emotional Intelligence. Take opportunities to sample "portions" of several past retreats or workshop right here,  free and online, or in small group settings in the Asheville area.



Although each will be different, we will help each other find what brings us the life to which we are being called.



Read the first three chapters of Angie's 1st manuscript: Saints Codependent: Good From Evil.  Set in the Blueridge Mountains of North Carolina, this is a story of three generations of strong, compassionate women and the men they chose to love.  


Get to know Constance, Norma and Libby.  Learn from them... how they, like many of us, gave so much to others, that they left themselves outside their "circle of care." Feel their anguish as they move the natural consequences of what seems to be good decisions at the time.  Feel their joy as they step into new chapters. 



Take the opportunity to read the first three chapters of the second manuscript in the triology:  Living Life on Life's Terms: Not As Easy As It Sounds.  


This second novel is set, primarily, in Cancun, Mexico and The Mayan Riviera.  It offers a higher-paced intensity, with the same edge of your seat drama as the first novel, as you are introduced to Cody, the 4th generation of these strong women.  




When retreats and workshops are available, they will be posted on this site.  You can call 865-679-6379 for free "portion" get togethers or complete retreats, by completeing the form located in the "Contact Us" Tab.  I will respond as soon as possible. Looking forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time! 



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